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Reebok Ragnar Cape Cod
Hull, MA to Smuggler’s Beach, MA
May 10-11, 2019 (Friday & Saturday)

Ragnar’s biggest east coast party just got beachier!

Reebok Ragnar Cape Cod has so many amazing experiences wrapped into a single race, it’s no surprise that this event remains a bucket list destination with our Ragnar Series. White sand beaches? Check. Historical landmarks? Check. Breathtaking coastal views? Check. Chance to make bad chowda jokes? Check.
This year we have some exciting changes including a new course that unlocks even more fabulous race experiences. We’ve got more access to secluded roads and running trails … AND a bigger beach party at the Finish Line. In 2019, we will finish at Smuggler’s Beach with access to five beaches, live bands and local attractions. It promises to be one of our best finish line parties to date.
From the newcomers to the multi-year veteran, this year’s Ragnar is a can’t miss event.

Don’t miss the journey/party-on-wheels/challenge, happening on May 10-11, that will have you saying, “I can’t believe we’re doing this,” and “When can we do this again?” in the same, tired breath.

CJP is looking to take 2 teams to Ragnar or more?!? We need you! Each runner runs 3 different times, for a total distance of about 10- 20 miles, about 3-10 miles each heat. Each team has two vans taking turns to get through the 200 miles.

Details below:
CrossFit Jeffries Point Ragnar Team
Team Captain: Coach Kris will lead us as our resident Ultra-Marathoner.
Co-Captain: Catherine Halpin & Jackson Wild
Division: CrossFit
Athletes: 6 must be active CJP members. Alumni are welcome, too!
Cost: $165 for registration fees only.

Register here: https://cjp.pike13.com/e/88103073 You’ll need your Pike 13 logon! You can also register by navigating through the class schedule – November 18th.

Your paid registration secures your spot on the CJP team. No REFUNDS. In the event, you are unable to run you must find someone that will take your place.

Deadline: Registration fee is due by Sunday, November 18th.

Transportation: Your registration does not include transportation costs. More information about this soon. Last year, $150 per person plus gas. So, we should expect about the same.

Questions: Please contact Coach Kris or Sandy directly!

Additional Ragnar Race details:
•       Cape Cod Relay https://www.runragnar.com/event-detail/relay/capecod#overview
•       CrossFit Division https://run.ragnarrelay.com/lp/crossfit/

Let’s do this! Who is in?