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Community News

Hello CJP,

Welcome to the new Community Newsletter! This monthly communication will highlight our community achievements, we hope you are as thrilled as we are to celebrate all our athletes and coaches inside and outside of the gym.

PR Board

Check out all the RP’s for the month of April. Nice work everyone! Remember to share your PR’s on the board, no matter how small you think the accomplishment, we want to celebrate you!

King of the Point

Congratulations again to ourKing of the Point Michael Gardner. His workout was AMRAP 20:  3 bar Muscle Ups, 6 HSPU, 9 Box Jumps, and 12 KBS. If you were not lucky enough to complete this WOD in class, try it on your own in honor of our King.

Cool Stuff

Frank and Melissa: Celebrated 4 years of marriage on April 14, 2018. Happy Anniversary!

Bob and Renate: Celebrated 29 years together April 29th

Diana: Completed a community trip to Maine in March where she volunteered at a soup kitchen and a wild life sanctuary. She met a porcupine that like sweet potatoes! Even animals eat clean She is finishing up her internship at Cambridge Health Alliance Mindfulness & Compassion Center as well as prepping for finals.

Mark: Is prepping for finals of his first semester at UMass Boston, good luck Mark! He has also been preparing for competition when he is not watching wrestling.

Coach Javy: Currently taking a business course and is ready to bring all that knowledge back to the gym. We are excited to see what he is learning and how it will make CJP a better place!

Coach Bryan: Recently just returned from an amazing trip to Spain, Morocco and Madrid with his sister and father. If you need any travel advise please just ask him!

Coach Jenna: Coached her first class on Saturday April 21, 2018, keep an eye out for more of her classes.

Ongoing Events

Kettlebell Kitchen is now an easy way to work on your nutritional goals. Please have orders submitted by Wednesday for Sunday delivery and Saturday for Wednesday delivery. Check out the Facebook post for more details or ask one of your coaches.

Upcoming Events

Carnival of Fitness Competition at CrossFit Resilience May 5, 2018. Come cheer on athletes of CJP competing!

Kettlebell Kitchen Demo: Chris from Kettlebell Kitchen will be at CJP from 5p to 8p to inform us more about KBK and he will have samples for us.

Memorial Day – Murph WOD: Monday at 10am we will be hosting a class to honor our brave and strong service people for keeping us safe and maintain USA FREE! We will have a BBQ-Potluck-BYOB type lunch afterwards.

Cirque Du Soleil June 29, 2018: If you are interested in going please reach out to Coach Bryan


These are just some of the highlights of the achievements and milestones you are all living- both inside and outside of the box. I’m sure there are more, but we can’t celebrate or support you if we don’t know what’s happening.

Please email me and/or let your coaches know what’s going on!

Keep on being awesome everyone!

Coach Jenna

[email protected]