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Hello Athletes,

I hope you are well. Every week we will highlight an athlete that through hard work have been able to accomplish a new goal or personal record. Please make sure you write your PRs on the board so we can celebrate you too.

Kathleen was able to do continue to improve in her Double Unders and accomplished her First Strict and Kipping Pull-Ups in April. Lets see how she did it.

  • What helped you accomplish your PR?
    • I am very appreciative of the support and excellent coaching. I really trust the process and felt supported every time I was in the gym struggling through pull-ups and trying to get my double unders. I have learned it is about being consistent at trying something hard every time I come in to the gym.
  • Tell us how you felt when you accomplish your PR?
    • I have to say I am surprised every time. I know consistency is key and I am very consistent, and it still comes as a surprise. I think, wow I cant believe I was able to do that. I never though it was possible for me to do something like that! It is really amazing realize I may be capable of more than I imagined.
  • Words of advice for others with similar goals
    • I genuinely look forward to and enjoy putting in the work everyday. I would say learn to put love into every workout and every movement, even the ones that are not your favorite.
  • What is your next goal?
    • Running has always been tough for me. Now that rowing season is over (and I love rowing), I am looking forward to improving my running speed and endurance…..Man I regret this already…..but everyday and then ill think “I cant believe it”… right?

Keep up the good work. Be consistent and talk to your coaches.

In the fitness journey with you,

Coach Javy