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Hi athletes,
I hope you enjoyed your weekend and had a little time to rest and recover. You have been working hard! Today’s ACTION ITEM is to read our House Rules. These are some things you can do to keep our gym running smoothly. Here is the video preview for tonight’s class. Thanks!

DO NOW: Read CJP House Rules
1. Sign up for class. Arrive 15 minutes before class starts.
2. Be positive and ready to work.
3. Listen to your coaches.
4. Give 100% and count your reps.
5. When you finish, you are a cheerleader.
6. Respect the equipment and put it back in its correct place.
7. Track your workouts and progress (on whiteboard, SugarWOD).
8. Make goals and hold yourself accountable.
9. Ask questions and ask for help!
10. Clothing standards: Shirt must be kept on at all times and shorts must cover your bottom (no booty shorts).
11. Use appropriate language.
12. Be the best you!

Coach Bryan