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CONGRATULATIONS Athletes for completing the 2017 CrossFit Open Games Workouts. 5 weeks and 5 mentally tough workouts. Your hard work and dedication are what made these challenges enjoyable! A special congratulation to Javy and Team Captains for pouring out so much love and diligence week after week. But, it is not over …. CJP OPEN NIGHTS ends tomorrow with our very own 17.6 workout!

17.6 will be a HERO WOD honoring our very own fallen Bostonian Hero. As a community, it is hard enough when people move away and we can’t even fathom to lose one of our own. Our staff has had the privilege of cheering on Anjelica Carbajal and Coach Bryan do this workout ever since CJP open its doors.

17.6 is Mike “DORK” Kennedy

 33 Back Squat (225/155)

15 Burpees

33 Deadlifts (225/155)

13 Burpees

33 KB Swings (70/53)

15 Burpees

INVITATION: OUR ENTIRE CJP COMMUNITY is INVITED to JOIN US for this WORKOUT. That’s right! If you haven’t had a chance to workout during any of the weeks this is your chance. All you need to do is DONATE and WORKOUT. There is NO SET AMOUNT and you’ll automatically enter into a raffle for Boston Red Sox Tickets.

Below you will see Anjelica’s PERSONAL INVITATION:

Dear CJP Family,

First I want to thank Javy and Sandy for offering this Friday night to honor Michael “Dork” Kennedy by hosting the Dork WOD at CJP this year. As some of you may know, I haven’t been around CJP much lately because I have been training to run the Boston Marathon for the Last Call Foundation which was started by his mother, Kathy Crosby-Bell, in his memory. As part of my marathon efforts I am fundraising for the foundation so any donation is appreciated; however, what matters more to me this Friday is that we honor Mike and that you all get a sense of who he was and the significance of this WOD to me and those that knew him.

This past Sunday marked the 3 year anniversary of the Beacon Street Fire that took the lives of Lt. Ed Walsh and Firefighter Michael Kennedy. If you watched the media coverage following the fire, you may have learned that Mike was a Marine, Big Brother, CrossFit Coach and Firefighter who was one of the first to respond to the 2013 marathon bombings. However, what you may not have learned from the coverage is the impact he had on the lives of those that had the privilege of knowing him. His nickname was “Dork” because that’s exactly what he was. He would do anything for a laugh. He could always count on him to photobomb someone with his cheesy mustache finger tattoo while making the craziest face possible. He was also known to strip down to his bright neon yellow underwear and play the theme song from Star Wars in order to PR his back squat (which he happened to PR at 405 lb shortly before the fire). He was the first to say hi and welcome new members to the gym and the last to be in your face yelling and encouraging you to finish a WOD and then talk everyone into going out for Bud Lights and shots of Dr McGillicudy’s Mentholmint with him after. Mike definitely had a presence that was larger than life itself. As you are all aware, your CrossFit family becomes just that – your family. He became a big part of my family and losing him was devastating to all of us that knew him. This Dork WOD was written with his favorite movements and done the night after the fire at CrossFit Together where he coached. It was this WOD that helped us to mourn our loss and honor Mike with our sweat and tears. Since then we have continued to honor him with this WOD every year around the anniversary of the fire. So as you do this workout, think of him – wear something neon, wear something with mustaches, be silly, be bold, but most of all be fearless. Mike wouldn’t want it any other way.


DONATE and WORKOUT for a great cause. If you won’t be able to make it, but would like to contribute you can at https://www.crowdrise.com/LastCallFoundationBoston2017/fundraiser/anjlicacarbajal.

SEE YOU ALL TOMORROW FOR 17.6 “DORK”! Standards will be released TODAY!