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Our Queen is the lovely, Kathleen Patron! Kathleen is a strong, fierce and humble athlete. You’ll find her rolling and chatting before class with a big smile! She always asks questions, focuses on form and listens to her coaches on how to get the best out her training. In her workouts, she is strategic and always gets it done. Kathleen is definitely stronger thanks to her consistency and commitment. Thank you for sharing your loved ones, Ricardo and Mau (puppy) with us. We love Team Patron!


Learn more about Kathleen below:

What brought you to East Boston?
Ricardo and I moved to Boston from Milwaukee 3 years ago this March for my job with the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization. When I came to interview before taking the job I went right to Piers Park, walked around and then walked around Maverick Square. I did not know anything about East Boston. I didn’t even know that it was part of the city of Boston but for some reason it felt like home. So when we moved out here we decided to live here.

What drew you to CrossFit?
To be honest I was not really drawn to CrossFit. I was not sure and had some stereotypes about CrossFit. I have always been into fitness and exercising of all kinds throughout my life. In Milwaukee I was a member of small group fitness gym that I loved! It had great challenging workouts and most importantly it had a real focus on community. We made a lot of friends through the gym. So when we moved to Boston I was working out alone or going to spin classes at the Y, but it felt like something was missing. I had walked past CJP many many times and finally decided to give it a shot. And soon after talked Ricardo into joining me for a Saturday workout. 

What was your expectation on your first day at CJP? How has your perception changed since that day?
My expectation was that it would be full of too-intense, bro-y, sweaty, shirtless people throwing barbells around. So I thought to myself, well I will see if I can tolerate it, I might meet people and not be working out alone anymore…yikes so pessimistic! Turns out I had lots of stereotypes in my head but my perception has totally changed. The only thing I had right was that the workouts were and still are very sweaty and challenging! From my first day to now I am continually impressed by how supportive the CJP community is. Sandy and Javy set a great example and you can really tell they care about ALL of you not just the exercising part of you. You can feel that in the way they and the coaches try to get to know all of the members and then work to foster relationships between members. 

What keeps you coming back to CJP?
Both the community and the workouts. Ricardo and I have made great friends at CJP. There are some amazing, talented, interesting, and caring people that make my day better when I see them at the gym. Our life in East Boston would not be as complete without CJP. I am also really into the workouts. No matter how my day goes I love having an hour to myself where I know if I work hard and stay consistent I can get better. I love challenging myself every day and always have something I want to be better at. No matter how tired I am always feel better after seeing great people and a hard workout.

Biggest improvements/struggles with CrossFit? I have improved at a lot. There are so many skills and movements to work on that it made me want to be well rounded. I always struggled with running. I had no idea that we would run as much as we do! At first starting in the July heat I was miserable and struggled but I have grown to enjoy it and am very proud that at the throwdown I ran a mile under 8 mins for the first time in my life. The other improvements I am really excited about are being able to do strict pull-ups, heavy squats and deadlifts, handstand push-ups and finally getting double unders down. 

What are some of the changes you have experienced in your physical appearance, strength and/or body composition. How have you used this outside of the gym? 
I am stronger than I ever have been and can do things I never thought possible. I feel better and it feels great to have clothes fit better. As with many people I have been self-conscious about weight and how I look. I love that CJP focuses on actually using your body and getting stronger not just weight loss and how you look. This is one of the first gym experiences I have had where the focus is on improving performance. It has been a liberating shift. 

If you could create your own WOD, what movements would you use?
Well I have a lot of favorites…so some long workout combination of toes to rings, deadlifts or cleans, rope climbs, handstand push-ups, double unders (not too many). 

Meat head nickname (with explanation)?
I am not sure if this is a meathead nickname but growing up when I was doing any sports my dad’s nickname for me was Robert Brooks, who was a Green Bay Packer in the 90s (when they beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl 🙂 ).

If you were to encourage someone on the fence of joining the CJP community, what would you say?
Just do it! The movements and workouts can all be scaled to wherever you are. The coaches and other athletes will all be supportive of you as you work and improve! And you will find a community of new friends who will keep you coming back and smiling!