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Hi Athletes,

Allow me to introduce you to a new monthly blog post inspired by the members at COTH and CJP. The blog will showcase videos and pictures taken by COTH and CJP athletes of fun or inspiring feats performed at the gym. I hope you enjoy April’s edition of “My Gym is Better than Yours”.

Please make sure to tag CrossFit on the Hill and CrossFit Jeffries Point on your social media posts related to fitness and community. For CJP please use hashtag #GetEastieFit and for COTH use #IamRx.

Suyeng, Sandy and Ali dancing “La Macarena” after the Easter WOD:


Posted By Kris Smith on Saturday, April 4, 2015

Bryan and Ali had to dance for 4 minutes as a cooldown for the WOD. So they decided to dance “Cotton Eye Joe”


Posted by Kris Smith on Saturday, April 4, 2015

Here are some “PRs” or personal records pictures of the 1rm Deadlift:
Cristina – 135lbs



Jake with a successful lift at 365 lbs.



Night out with the CJP crowd at the Salty Pig in Back Bay.

19324_10100377448407291_7404875025503037472_nSee you at the gym,