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Hi Athletes,

We can’t wait to celebrate our OPEN NIGHTS WITH YOU! The Open is the first stage of the CrossFit Games season and the largest community event of the year. Every year, hundreds of thousands of athletes come together to do the same workout worldwide. Let’s do this!


DON’T FORGET TO SIGN UP ON Front Desk! https://cjp.frontdeskhq.com/e/48977478


Below you will find some recent question regarding the event:

1. Open Nights is 6 Friday nights! 2/24 | 3/3 | 3/10 | 3/17 | 3/24 | 3/31 . Please be advised there are NO coach led evening classes scheduled. If you would like to workout, you’ll need to attend the 6AM, 9 AM, schedule yourself another day or sign up for the Open Nights. Hope this clears up any misunderstanding! Any additional questions, please leave a comment.

2. The CrossFit Games page will announce and reveal the workout Thursday night. During the announcement, a video will become available of the workout breaking down each movement standard. There will be an Rx and Scaled movement break down. Every athlete that signs up for the OPEN will have a chance to declare scaled or RX for each workout. So, it is possible you may workout #1 as RX and the rest as scaled or vice-a-versa.

3. Open Gym hours on Friday. Please prepare for limited hours during the OPEN Night workouts. OPEN GYM Members are encouraged to sign up for OPEN nights.

4. Merchandise: ONLY BLACK Tank Tops will be ordered for both male and female. You’ve seen Sara‘s design. These are only pre-order and we will not purchase any additional ones. So, if you would like one. Just comment below and we’ll add you to the excel sheet. There is a printout in the office, too. You have until TOMORROW END OF THE DAY!

5. Friends & Family are welcomed! You are welcome to bring food, drinks, beach chairs, blankets, pom-poms. Anything to get you going and have lots of fun!

6. If you are a MORNING athlete, you can do all the workouts in the morning. You can even pick the one workout you will come to on a Friday night. Your workout will count towards the team total eitherway.

7. If you can’t make it to a Friday workout, you can always make this up during OPEN gym times. BEFORE MONDAY to count towards your team score. Remember that the workout has to be judged to count towards your team score.

8. All athletes are welcomed to come and cheer during OPEN Nights. Even if you did the workout in the morning. That’s some serious SPIRIT points towards your team!!

9. Captains will DRAFT Sunday night. Get ready to be recruited as early as SUNDAY night!

10. In Summary, Sign Up. Wait for the Announcement – no one knows the workouts. Declar Scaled or Rx for each workout. Show up to Workout! We can’t wait to workout with YOU!