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Hello Athletes,

Lets boost your gainz in 2018! Welcome to the Transformation season. The GetEastieFit Transformation Challenge starts with our NUTRITION! Simply put, this challenge is simply a jump start to a new and improved way of eating. This is a 30-day nutrition challenge where you will eat meat, veggies, some fruit and good fat. You’ll track your food just like we do with our workouts. Don’t feel overwhelmed?! The best part is that you won’t do it ALONE.

You’ll become aware of your eating habits. Food will even taste different. It is all to build a healthy relationship with food whether you are at home, work, or hanging out. Learn how to eat for energy, strength and watch your body change.

Our last nutrition challenge members reported the following changes two weeks in: more energy, creative in the kitchen, sleeping so much better and leaner! So, let’s do this! We encourage EVERYONE to join us – veteran, new, alumni, family and friends. That’s right! Your roommates, family and friends can join in on the fun, too.

The GetEastieFit Transformation Challenge starts at 12:00 AM on Monday, January 22nd and ends on Tuesday, February 20 at 11:59 PM (night time!).

  • Registration Fee: $35 which includes nutrition workshop, Whole30 program booklet and coaching throughout the 30 days.  Plus, a whole lot of fun to keep you motivated.
  • Your Team: A team is made up of every athlete in the challenge. Coach Javy will be available for team support, resources and motivation. We will use a private Facebook group to communicate and encourage each other.

Scoring: you will be making general deductions from a daily total based on your consumption of non-paleo food and drinks.

  • 3 Points:  Perfect Day!  NO Cheats
  • 2 Points:  Little Cheat (non-paleo snack, non-paleo drink, non-alcoholic)
  • 1 Point:  Big Cheat (Whole meal)
  • 0 Points:  More than a cheat meal.  (Total cheat day, one alcoholic drink or dessert)

* The team scores will not affect the individual scores but the individual scores will affect the team score.

Extra Points: There is an opportunity to receive bonus points every day.

  • Participating in class at CJP: +1 Point
  • Drink Half your bodyweight (in ounces) of Water, example 160lbs = 80 ounces of H2O: +1 Point
  • 7+ Hours of Sleep (uninterrupted sleep): +1 Point
  • Complete a Workout Together with Team: +3 points
    • Weekly WODs will be provided by your coaches.
    • At least 3 athletes must be present and do the workout together. 
    • WOD must be completed outside of class time (open gym), and as a group.
  • Social Media Post: +1 when you post meals, workouts or recipes on your personal profile regarding the challenge, CJP or workouts performed on your own.

Score Reporting: Each participant will be required to submit their weekly points by Sunday evening at 8pm. We will provide a Google Doc to keep track of the points.

  • Scores will be submitted to Javy.
  • Please use “My Transformation Journey” as the email subject line

Winners: There will be a male and female winner.

  • Prizes: New perspective on quality and clean eating, smaller waistline, more muscle and feeling great about yourself.


To participate you must the following:

  • Pay registration: $35 on Pike 13 
  • Body Composition and Waist Circumference Measurements before and after the Challenge: Done by a coach
  • Perform the Benchmark workout done the 1st and last day of the Challenge
  • Submit their weekly spreadsheet (Google Doc) and final at the end of the Challenge
  • Optional: Before and after picture


So, there you have it! Again, we encourage EVERYONE to join us – veteran, new, alumni, family and friends.

If you are not currently training with us, please contact Javy at [email protected] and don’t miss out on the opportunity to track. Don’t worry you have to do the benchmark workout. We want you to have access to all the information, support, let us track your body composition and get some results.

Cheers to a STRONG and COMMITTED 2018 – a year of transformation!