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Dear New Athletes! (yes, you!)

Welcome to our fitness community at CrossFit Jeffries Point!

We are very excited to work with you on your journey to improve your fitness and health. The CrossFit 101 class will help you learn the basic concepts and movement patterns in CrossFit training. We limit the number of athletes in each session so we can give each athlete the attention and instruction they need to be successful.

We will begin tomorrow and meet on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 7-8pm for the next two weeks. Please make every attempt to attend all six classes in the program as each class will focus on a different skill. After the two-week program, you will be well prepared to join the All-Levels CrossFit classes. In preparation for our first class please be sure to arrive around 6:45pm in workout attire. We have a water fountain so be sure to bring a water bottle. You will sweat! We advise you to eat a small snack (piece of fruit or nuts) before class, but not a heavy meal. If you have any questions before your first class, please contact me.


Coach Bryan