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Hello Athletes,

I hope you guys are well. Welcome to the CJP Open Nights Competition. This year we are breaking records, or PR, in participation. We have almost 70 athletes competing. Thanks to the coaches and captains for motivating and encouraging athletes to participate. It is going to be EPIC!

I want to give you some information to better prepare you for the competition. The information will prepare rookies and veterans alike to make the best out of the next 5 weeks.

  • Event Release: Each workout will have a live announcement on Thursday at 8pm. You can watch it live here.
  • Movement Standards: Each workout will be unique with specific movements, loads and reps. The movement will have standards that you will have to meet for your rep to count. The judges, all of us and you too, will make sure that all athletes meet the standards to maintain fairness across the competition. Here¬†you can find¬†examples of past movement standard videos. If you have questions about the standards please ask Coach Ryan, Coach Javy or your captains.
  • Judges: All athletes will participate as judges. You will do the workout with a judge and then you will judge the workout for another athlete. The judges responsibilities are to 1. enforce correct workout order, loading and rep count, 2. enforce movement standards and 3. recording reps, loads and times accurately. The judges responsibilities are not to 1. coach or motivate an athlete during the workout and 2. assess or critique the athlete’s technique.
  • Heat Assignments: Coach Ryan will make public a google spreadsheet for athletes to register. It will be published on SugarWOD on the Friday’s workout announcement. You will see it at the top of the workout. You will register for two heats, one to judge and one to workout. Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your heat assignment to prepare to judge or to workout. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR BACK TO BACK HEATS. You will need time to recover from the workout or warm up for the workout.
  • Preparation and Recovery: Your nutrition and sleep will be a factor on your performance. We encourage athletes to eat a balance diet and sleep 8 hours a night for optimal performance. There are several Coaches who give their perspective and strategy to maximize your performance. I like WODPrep.
  • What to bring?: Bring food, snacks and drinks for before and after the workout. It is a Fitness Party.

Good luck to all of the teams. During this Open, let’s get stronger as individual and strongest as a community!

Love you all,

Coach Javy