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The Queen of the Point for August is Anjelica Carbajal! Anjelica is a dedicated athlete whose positive attitude and enthusiasm is that of our strong CJP family. She is a joy to be around and you’ll always find her encouraging others. What we love most about her is that her life professes so much more than what she’ll ever share. She is strong, humble and a fierce competitor. To learn more about Queen Anjelica keep reading!

What brought you to Boston?

I moved here from Arizona for medical school in 2002.  I always thought that I would move back after school or residency, but I fell in love with the city and it’s people. I now consider Boston my home. Sorry, but you all are stuck with me. 🙂

What drew you to CrossFit?

I was always active in sports and fitness before moving here, but then with the demands of medical school, residency and just surviving the New England winters, I didn’t make time for my own health and became very unfit and out of shape. When I finished residency I was proud of what I had accomplished but I was disgusted with how I felt. I joined a gym and started working with a trainer who ultimately introduced me to CrossFit. I immediately fell in love with the healthy competition and supportive community. I truly believe that CrossFit changes lives. I know it has mine.

What keeps you coming back to CJP?

This one is easy.  It’s the people.  I love my CJP peeps!

Biggest improvements/struggles with CrossFit?

One of my major goals when I first started CrossFit was to be “as strong as f*@k.” I love the barball and I have loved seeing those numbers slowly go up.  But Ugh! I am not a gymnast nor am I built like one, so I struggle with the gymnastic movements, especially since an old shoulder injury prevents me from kipping. I am still working on that elusive deadhang pull up.

If you could create your own WOD, what movements would you use?

I love hero WOD’s with Adam Brown being my all-time favorite. So I would probably create a long and heavy barbell complex with maybe a row and a few wall balls or double unders thrown in the mix.

Meat head nickname (with explanation)?

I’ve had a few nicknames over the years, but the one that I think is the funniest is the one most recently given to me – ‘Anjie Brauliosdottir.”  I’m nowhere near as fast or as strong as Iceland Annie, but my dad’s name is Braulio.