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Our Queen of the Point is the lovely, Sheri Mangini! Sheri has been so crazy consistent with her training. She’s trusted the process of fitness by simply showing up faithfully twice a week. We can always count on Sheri making us smile and laugh! During her workouts, we admire so much how focused and committed she is to get it done. We are proud and grateful Sheri continues to choose CJP as her gym. CONGRATULATIONS SHERI! Let’s get ready for the ‘Sheri’ workout!

What brought you to East Boston?

I can’t take much credit for the decision; my folks brought me back here after I was born. After stints in Alaska and California, I made my way back here and I don’t see myself leaving again any time soon. I enjoy having all four seasons too much now.

What drew you to CrossFit?

I’d been wanting to get active in some way for a long time, but being historically unathletic and having an aversion to traditional gyms, I was kind of at a loss. “Brisk walking” wasn’t cutting it anymore. I kept walking by CJP to and from Maverick every day and I eventually got the crazy thought that I should give it a try. Then I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. After psyching myself up for about two weeks, I emailed Javy about my interest because I was too scared to inquire in person. The rest is history.

What was your expectation on your first day at CJP? How has your perception changed since that day?

Being the pessimist that I am, I fully expected to embarrass myself and run out with my tail between my legs and never return. Well, my first day wasn’t half that bad, although I was hopelessly confused about Turkish Get-ups. And afterward, my body felt like it had been hit by several trucks. Since that day, I look forward to walking in the doors every time and I’ve learned to have a bit more confidence in myself.

What keeps you coming back to CJP?

As slow as they may come, I enjoy seeing the improvements I continue to make. But I never would have stuck around long enough to see those improvements without the support of CJP’s coaches and my fellow athletes. I feel completely comfortable working through my self-doubt and clumsiness in an open space without fear. It encourages me to keep challenging myself.

Biggest improvements/struggles with CrossFit?

I’d have to say lifting is my biggest improvement since it was the thing I was most afraid of in the beginning. I went from not wanting to trade in my PVC pipe for a real barbell to recently hitting a 100# hang clean PR. My biggest struggle continues to be running. The ol’ lungs still aren’t into it.

What are some of the changes you have experienced in your physical appearance, strength and/or body composition? How have you used this outside of the gym?

While I still have a long way to go, I feel stronger and have way more stamina than ever before. I remember in the beginning when just the warm-up exercises would knock me out. I’ve also lost about 10lbs in past year so that’s a pretty neat bonus.

If you could create your own WOD, what movements would you use?

I would probably pick an AMRAP of box jumps, kettlebell swings, cleans, and maybe some rowing as a buy-in. And just so we’re clear: no running or burpees!

Meat head nickname (with explanation)?

I don’t even have a regular nickname, never mind a meathead nickname. I’m open to any and all suggestions.

If you were to encourage someone on the fence of joining the CJP community, what would you say?

You absolutely have to do it! If I can do CrossFit then literally anyone can. Regardless of any limitations you think you may have, you’re always going to get a great workout and an even greater group of people to do it alongside.