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Hello Athletes,

I hope you are well. I want to give you some insight into the CrossFit Jeffries Point Programming. To facilitate this process, you will need to understand some terms; Macrocycle, Mesocycle and Microcycle. These are principles that I learned while I was doing my Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology.

  1. The macrocycle consists of all 52 weeks of your annual plan and therefore includes all four stages of a periodized training program (endurance, intensity, competition and recovery).  Because of its length, you will almost certainly make changes to it throughout the year.  Think of the macrocycle as a “birds-eye” view of your annual training plan.
  2. The mesocycle represents a specific block of training that is designed to accomplish a particular goal.  For example, during the endurance phase, you might develop a mesocycle that is specifically designed to enhance your muscular endurance.  Mesocycles are typically 3 to 4 weeks in length but can be a bit longer.
  3. A microcycle is the shortest training cycle, typically consisting of a single week or two with the goal of facilitating a focused block of training. Generally speaking, two or three microcycles are tied together to create a mesocycle.

    (resource: https://doctorholmes.wordpress.com/2009/10/12/a-periodization-primer-macrocycles-mesocycles-microcycles/)

Periodization is a common practice among Strength and Conditioning Coaches to keep their athletes injury-free and to get them to perform at the highest level, or peaking, when it counts the most. Typically, we used the periodization model to vary the stimulus of the training and emphasize different fitness modalities to enhance your overall results. For this we need to take in consideration various components like the CrossFit Open, weather (beach season), CJP Throwdown or other Competitions. That way we can develop and execute sound programming that continues to improves the 10 General Physical Preparedeness Skills; power, strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, cardio-pulmonary respiratory endurance, stamina, speed and agility. In other words, your body has the ability to burn fat efficiently while increasing and maintaining lean muscle mass. Not to mention, that it keeps you engage in the programming because the variety of the training does not allow the body to plateau plus the you are consistently challenge by the programming.

The next Mesocycle which will include the following:

  1. Barbell Complexes to strengthen and hone your weightlifting skills.
  2. More conditioning to develop your cardiopulmonary endurance, power and ability to work efficiently while fatigue.
  3. Gymnastic strength to develop strict power and strength.

I hope this allows you to understand the value that the programming brings to your training and experience at CrossFit Jeffries Point. Please leave any questions on the comment section below.

In the journey with you,

Coach Javy