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We opened CrossFit Jeffries Point because we know that being alone on your fitness journey can be challenging. Located in East Boston, we believe that our community deserves a place to go to get fit with like-minded, hard-working people just like you. Getting into a new fitness routine doesn’t have to be hard. We make fitness accessible to everyone by supporting you, learning together, and tailoring our coaching around your skill level.

Get EastieFit and learn what it’s like to have a team surrounding you and lifting you up from day one. Our trainers and members will help you progress towards your fitness goals, learn the fundamentals of strength & conditioning, build your confidence, and transform you into an athlete. You don’t have to worry about being stuck or wasting money on other gym memberships that just don’t work for you anymore. Come from Jeffries Point, Eagle Hill, Orient Heights, or anywhere in East Boston to revolutionize your fitness journey.

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Honestly, I was thinking it was going to be like the other CrossFit boxes I had been to before CJP. I thought I wasn’t going to last and that my first class was going to be a try out. I was surprised by how much commitment and effort the coaches put into each of us to make us better, a month try out turned out to be 3 years of continuous work. What started as a couple days a week turned out to be a life time commitment.

CrossFit near East Boston

Monica L

I was brought to CrossFit because of the functionality it provides for every challenge life versus just bodybuilding or power lifting. CrossFit forces you to break through mental barriers and past what you thought you physical or mental limit was.

CrossFit near East Boston

Andrew R

We have something at CJP that I see and appreciate at every CrossFit gym I’ve ever vistied: a community of capable, caring judges and athletes of all shapes and sizes united under one goal of helping each other to get as fit as possible. That was my expectation when I showed up here on Day One (June 2015), and that perception hasn’t changed at all in the four years since.

CrossFit near East Boston

Jason M

I am always looking to challenge myself mentally and physically and I feel that Crossfit allows me to do that. And the community that takes part in Crossfit at Jeffries Point is amazing. Everyone is so nice and motivated. It is great to spend time with people that care about their well being, health and physical fitness. Crossfit is also a stress relief activity for me. Work is very stressful.

CrossFit near East Boston

Nick B

I wanted to add some type of cross training to my running because I felt like I was becoming imbalanced; I love running and would “run” all day but I was never really going to make myself do any type of weight lifting. I’m not sure CrossFit in general would have been my first choice because I had the perception that it was all about “getting huge,” but when I met with Javy and started at CJP my mind was changed. I felt like CrossFit Jeffries Point was a great compliment to running; I do things I would normally never do and I really like that. I feel encouraged to push myself but not to the point of injury. I love the focus on form at CJP.

CrossFit near East Boston

Celeste C

It took me close to a month to even step foot in the gym to talk to someone. I walked by about 100 times. I expected that it would be more like my experience with other group fitness classes – you go in, do your workout and leave. I was an athlete most of my life and was a collegiate swimmer. I was always motivated by working out with people and bonding over that. I never expected to find a team again, and have been so happy I have.

CrossFit near East Boston

Allie H

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