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CJP Nutrition Coaching

CJP Nutrition Coaching – Next Course begins July 31st!

Hi athletes,

Our next nutrition coaching program, Macros 101, will begin on July 31st. Through food journaling and tracking you will become aware of how food quality and quantity can affect your fitness goals and energy level. Investigative research and clinical trials have debunked many long held beliefs about what a healthy diet is. Come learn what methods will work best for you to sustain a lifetime of healthy eating. This course is for all athletes; those that are looking to take their training to a competitive level or those that simply want to lose body fat. Please email me to enroll or for more information!

Coach Bryan

$129 for 4 weeks
Initial 90 minute seminar
Personalized macronutrient prescription
Nutrition coaching and feedback
Private wrap-up consultation

Course Materials

Carb Manager App
Kitchen Scale
Measuring cup/spoons

Course Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:
Describe the different hormonal responses that macronutrients (protein, fat, carbs) have on the body.
Calculate and execute a macronutrient prescription based on their training goals.
Use the Carb Manager app to maintain records of daily macronutrient intake.

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