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We are Grateful for You!

Dear Athletes, 


As we look back on 2019, we can’t help but be overwhelmed with gratitude for all of you.  

I am so proud of all your hard work. I have seen you all progress through movement, new skills and stronger lifts. Thank you for trusting us with your health and fitness. Your coaches and owners appreciate all of you! 


As a person, I am looking for ways to get better. I love to learn from your experiences through conversations, relationships, books and professional conferences. As a business owner, my heart’s desire is to provide a safe place where you can get fitter and healthier in a loving and supportive environment. 

CJP has grown and our team has worked tirelessly to put systems in place to better support you. None of this would be possible without YOU. We can’t thank you enough for your in-person feedback and recent survey feedback.


Let’s celebrate ALL that we accomplished together: 

  • New Classes 

    • We added 9 classes to the schedule to give you more options to train. 

    • Added M-F additional evening class by moving to 4:30 5:30 6:30 7:30 PM schedule. 

    • Added Saturday 8:30 AM and 9:30 AM classes. 

    • Added Thursday 7 AM class. In 2020, we are looking to add a Monday at 7 AM. 

    • We did receive a few survey responses requesting Sunday Open gym hours. Unfortunately, none of your Coaches are available and observe this as their personal rest day. In 2020, we will revisit this request. 

  • New Class Structure

    • Every class will have two priorities of the day. 1st priority will have more time allocated and 2nd priority with less time. 

    • This structure will allow us to spend more individualized time with athletes. Your Coach will highlight the priorities at the whiteboard. 

    • Gymnastics Strength will rotate each week to allow athletes that can’t make it on Thursdays.

    • Over time, this class structure will provide each athlete to experience different training stimuli and individualized training in a group class setting. 

  • 6 Week Programming Cycles

    • Every 6 weeks we will be switching the strength or bias on the programming. 

    • The rotation includes: powerlifting, weightlifting, gymnastic, conditioning and others that might come up as we continue to evolve. 

    • As the result of the 6-week cycles, we will alternate on week 7 between testing week and recovery week.

      • During testing week, we will be using the Strength and Conditioning guidelines to progress from one training plan to another. Plus, other standards to continue to challenge your fitness.

      • Recovery week will consist of lower intensity MetCons, mobility session, yoga and skill work to allow the body to recover and bounce back stronger the following week. 

    • We look forward to your weekly SugarWOD notes. 

    • The CJP programming team consists of  Coach Ryan, Bryan, JB and I. We take time to review previous week’s programming and feedback, discuss a new topic every week, review next week’s programming and plan for future programming biases. Overall, everyone including coaches and athletes influence the programming on a weekly bases. The CJP programming team is responsible for listening to feedback, researching new trends, share knowledge and provide you with a holistic approach to fitness. We are strategic in implementing scientific based interventions that enhance your motor performance and physiological response. 

    • If you have any questions of how we are making sure to get you stronger, feel free to schedule a time to chat with me. 

  • New Promotions

    • We are happy to announce two promotions within our team. 

      • Coach JB has been promoted to the Wellness Programming Director. His core responsibilities are to deliver the wellness programming weekly, review the programming for all levels and make sure that we are delivering an efficient class structure or lesson plan. He is doing a great job as he continues to pursue his studies in Strength and Conditioning.

      • Coach Tracy has been promoted to Administrative Assistant. Her core responsibilities are to oversee the social media channels and content creation, new lead generation ZenPlanner athletes support and operations. She is so talented and we are so grateful for all her gifts. 

  • Equipment

    • We continue to replace equipment and make additional purchases for all of us to use in class.

    • We moved the rig to the second room. 

    • Thank you to all our OPEN Nights athletes - your registration helped purchase new equipment for all. Your winning team Clean Jerks chose to purchase 2 Ski Ergs!

    • In 2020, we will expand the rig to add two squat racks and rings/ropes 

This year, we trained side by side with you, doing what we love most. It is a time to reflect on what I’m most thankful. And that is YOU. 


On behalf of our CJP team and family, I want to thank you for choosing us and wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving. We’ll close 2019 with our Holiday Party on Friday, December 6th at 6 PM. We hope to see you there! Bring on 2020! 


With a grateful heart! 


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