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Deloading can get you closer to your next PR

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Deloading can get you closer to your next PR

Rest and recovery is as important as getting a good workout in. After the stress of the workout it is time to reset with rest and sound nutrition to allow the body to recover and boost your performance. It is very important to us that you recover to maximize your time at the gym. That is why we are incorporating a Deload week every 13 weeks in our programming. The first is going to be from January 20th to January 24th. 

What is Deload? Here is a good definition from Alex Cassella, Coach at Athletic Lab. “Deload is a term that suggests a decrease in training volume over a period of time in a training program. This is not the same as just taking a week of training off completely, rather it is a tactic that coaches and athletes use to promote a stronger recovery. The ideal outcome of a deload is to produce a stronger athlete in the meso- or macro-cycle.” Excerpt from Alex Cassella. It is uncommon in CrossFit programming, however, the CJP Team pride themselves in making smart programming decisions based on your best interest. We believe that this is going to benefit all of you. 

What do we need to recover from? Here is a model that explains the effects of training and how a deload week can bring new PRs to your training. 

Here is another excerpt from Alex Cassella; “Studies show that the most demanding stress responses in neuromuscular and kinematic systems are found after strength and not power sessions. An impairment of maximal force production is seen in the post 24 hour period (Howatson, 2016). It’s a popular belief in the fitness industry that a heavy strength-training workout can cause Central Nervous System (CNS) fatigue, which can limit performance in a subsequent training session.”

The nervous system needs time to recover from the overload of weight training, the intensity of the exercise and the accumulation of reps or volume. The objectives of the deload week are to reduce volume or reps x sets, loading or heavy weight and lower the intensity. Here is what we have planned for Deload Week. 

  1. 45 minute ROMWOD session (online program): Ying or restorative yoga for athletes 

  2. Goat day: pick two movements that you need to work on and plan with your coach how to put it into a workout. 

  3. Long low intensity MetCon: 45 minute MetCon with 30s rest after each movement

  4. Light barbell cycling work 

  5. Functional Bodybuilding Session: you will complete two circuits of FBB. 

To understand more about deload, I recommend the following articles. If you have any questions, please email me att javy@geteastiefit.com.






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