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A Challenge to Support the Eastie Community

CrossFit Jeffries Point wants to help you stay fit (and sane) from home AND help support the East Boston Community Soup Kitchen. It's a challenging time for small businesses like ours, but we're looking for your help to prove that our community is stronger together.


With our gyms closed, we've had to quickly shift to virtual training. Getting this done in a short amount of time was quite the challenge, but it also presents the opportunity to reach more people who need the coaching and community support we offer during these uncertain times.



So today, we're launching the 21-Day #KeepEastieFit At-Home Challenge:


Register here!!!

Non members can join us for $99 and we make a donation in the amount of $50 to the East Boston Community Soup Kitchen. See the rest of the post for details!
- $50 go to the East Boston Community Soup Kitchen
- $49 will be used to help our employees during these uncertain times.

For current members, you can participate by...



  1. Invite and share it with your friends who are looking to workout and support the Eastie Community. 

  2. Make a donation to the  East Boston Community Soup Kitchen. participation is appreciated, but completely optional. 




Either way, you'll continue to get all access to our premium virtual training experience.

We understand that things are uncertain for everyone, so if you can't participate, we ask that you share the challenge.


All the details are below and here's the link to sign up or share:


Start your challenge today!


How the 21-Day #KeepEastieFit At-Home Challenge Works

  1. You purchase the program for $99 (regular rate is $159) and we make a donation in the amount of $50 to the East Boston Community Soup Kitchen.  
    - $50 go to the East Boston Community Soup Kitchen
    - $49 will be used to help our employees during these uncertain times.


  2. You get access to our Live Virtual Training Sessions and recordings.
    - Our virtual training sessions are different from any online training you've ever experienced. Our coaches care about your form, presence and performance in every session.

Plus you will be encouraged by the other athletes and your coach in every session. It's as close as you can get to a group session in our gym and WAY better than trying to do it on your own. (All training sessions can be done without equipment or using typical household items as weights)
- Live sessions are held by zoom Monday-Friday at 8am, 12pm, 5pm, & 6pm. You can sign up for the workout time that best fits with your schedule and have access to 3 sessions per week for 21 days.
- You can follow along the Whiteboard Meeting or demo and explanation video and you can do the workout on your own as many times as you want for the 21 days.

- Your kids/significant other are welcome to join you in the sessions.

  1. You become part of our Virtual Family and Online Resources.

    This is the online gathering place for the CJP Family and a place to learn more about the program and your coaches. 

    1. You will get access to the workouts, videos and other training opportunities through the SugarWOD app. 

    2. Plus, you will participate in the 21 day KeepEastieFit Lifestyle Challenge. This is where your coaches would hold you accountable for your results through the MyCoach App

    3. And you can share your successes, ask nutrition questions, share your "sweaty selfies", or post anything that will help us all become stronger, healthier and happier.



Why We're Doing This




The CJP Team is committed to transforming the community we serve. At this point, it looks like virtual classes, online challenges, daily and weekly check ins with our athletes and supporting local businesses with this program. I grew up in Puerto Rico but East Boston has been home for 10 years. Eastie is where my kids go to school and where we decided to build our business.  

This is my home.

I started CJP almost 7 years ago to provide a place where people are supported, loved and challenged to have a better lifestyle. 

At CrossFit Jeffries Point, we are more than just 4 walls with some equipment inside them. We are local fitness leaders who really care about our community. During these stressful times, we are looking to deliver you some happiness through fitness as an investment in the future of our community & our business.


Never Done Virtual Training? Here Are Some Reviews…

"I have been encouraged by the proactive approach, Javy, Sandy and the staff have taken and the great lengths they have gone to in order to stay connecting and communicating about our well being, how to maintain a workout program to stay healthy, active and energized during this trying time.

May we join them and their efforts by giving it a shot - I much rather be in the gym with you all but given the constraints it's a terrific alternative - also go to smartwod for a timer - this has helped me maintain my routine and focus in the midst of less than ideal conditions. Thanks CJP for caring, sharing and looking out for all of us."
-Bob Uhlig.









Here's what to do next


If you can participate, great, here's the link to join:

Start your challenge now!

If you can't, we completely understand. You can help out by sharing the challenge with at least 3 people who might be interested.

We will not panic. We will be prepared. And we will keep getting happier, healthier, and stronger together.


Stay healthy,


Javy Caraballo

Owner at CrossFit Jeffries Point 

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