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GetEastieFit Virtual Game Night

CJP Virtual Game Night

When: Wednesday, 5/13/202

Time: 7:15pm


Emoji Game 

  • You will see a combination of emoji and you have to decipher what it means or represents. 

  • The participants will text Javy or the host the answer to the emoji riddle 

  • The first one to get it right will get the points 

  • Categories

    • Guess the song

    • Guess the country

    • Guess the Cartoon

    • Guess the Book

    • Guess the Word

    • Guess the movie



  1. Join this Zoom Meeting  (so we can see and hear each other): [geteastiefitvirutalgamenight]

  2. Join this Watch2Gether Room (so we can watch the same karaoke videos at the same time): [cjpvirtualgamenight]

  3. At the top of the Watch2Gether room is a search bar. Type in your song title and select one of the results that populate below the playback window. Add it to the queue by clicking the + symbol.

  4. When your song comes up, sing!

Tips and tricks

  • When you join the Watch2Gether room, make sure to update your name on your icon (the left-most one in the list at the bottom of the screen). The room keeps track of who does what. 

  • Make sure to turn both your computer's volume and the Watch2Gether playback video's volume all the way up.

  • The singer (or the primary singer if it's a group number) should be the only person who has the audio on for the Watch2Gether playback video. Everyone else should mute the video. This helps if playback is slightly off-sync for different people.

  • Try searching the song title plus the word "karaoke" to find the best lyric videos (example: "Sweet Caroline karaoke").

  • When you are selecting a search result, make sure to click the + sign and not the thumbnail, or your video will immediately play. (Jumping the queue is bad karaoke etiquette.) 

  • The host should take charge of managing the queue and making sure everyone gets a turn before singing again.


  • Randomly split the participants into two teams. 

  • The host will send the items to the person drawing through the private chat 

  • Each person drawing will have 60 seconds to draw 

  • The person drawing will use the screen share whiteboard option to draw

  • The team not participating will mute their screens to allow the other team to guess without interrupting

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