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Core Habit System Launch

Why is it important to build strong practices and habit as the Core of your Experience


We become what we repeatedly do. To see transformation, we must go on a journey of Practice > Habit > Lifestyle:

+ Practice: intentionally doing the thing we want to do, which at first may seem forced or formulaic

+ Habit: usually doing the thing we want to do. Our habits become our default pattern as we engage in them

+ Lifestyle: naturally doing the thing we want to do - an unconscious reality that is part of who we are and what we do.


Our Approach to Support your Potential - Core Habits to Live a Whole/Full Life

  1. Eat - Eat meat (protein), vegetables, some fruit, little starch and no refined sugar. 

  2. Rest - Rest your body for at least 8 hours per need to support your recovery and results.  to support your recovery 

  3. Train -  Train proper movement patterns and positions first, then add weight (load) and reps (volume) then. 

What you need to do


Every month you will  take 21 days to build a new habit through consistent practices. Each time you have the opportunity to focus on a different practice. That way you are building strong habits and finding the unique balance of Eat, Rest and Train to support your lifestyle.

Steps to build your Core Habits

  1. First week of every month: Schedule, Do and Upload your Inbody Scan to the EastieFit App. 
  2. Then, fill out the short google form to select the Core Habit and Practice that will get you closer to your goals. 
  3. Follow along the EastieFit app program to learn, interact and practice your new practice for 21 days.
  4. Repeat!!!


Here is the link to upload your results to the EastieFit app. 

Here is the link to the google form.

Learn more about the Core Habit System in this guide.

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