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Congratulations to all our EastieFit athletes and coaches who took on the 800g Challenge and made it a priority to improve their nutrition and fitness! It was great to see everyone holding each other accountable and the teams supporting each other through this 28 day journey! We saw some amazing results! Here are our Individual Winners!


Female Fat Loss - Karla Deleon

Karla lost 2.4 pounds of fat in four weeks! 

“The challenge was a learning experience for me from the very first day. It made me realize that I wasn't having enough "ME” time, including planning ahead, preparing my meals, and resting. I also learned to rethink my food choices. Limiting bread was also a huge part of this journey. I now use lettuce wraps instead of bread for salmon burgers and fish tacos. Going to sleep early and drinking water was very important. 

What can I say about the 7 am class?!?! I truly admire and respect everyone. Before this challenge, I did not know I actually workout with experts in the culinary arts field. The sharing of recipes was very helpful. 

Thanks to my husband, Ivan, for preparing my grab and go containers with fruit and vegetables. Shout out to my family, the 7am class and my coaches: Sarah, Kevin and Javy!”


Male Fat Loss - Federico Chiavazza

Federico lost 12.0 pounds of fat!

The challenge helped me be more mindful of portions and what a daily meal should look like.

The 7:30 coaches - Kevin and Mauricio are great!

I really enjoyed all aspects; coach Bryan’s videos were helpful and prompted me to buy an air fryer. Game changer!


Female Muscle Gain - Emily Delalla

Emily added 1.5 pounds of muscle!

“The 800 G challenge was immensely helpful to meet my muscle gain goals. Since joining EastieFit, I have always been a consistent athlete, however, my nutrition has never been as regular. The 800 G challenge was a great way to help my nutrition goals meet my fitness goals. The weekly videos from coaches and informational posters were great resources on how to consume 800 grams daily and stay motivated throughout the month. One of the most helpful tips from Nutrition Coach Bryan was a protein shake before bed and supplementing my diet with creatine. Also, our team group chat, Sugar Snatch Peas, would send photos of our 800 G meals, which certainly kept me motivated and accountable. Thank you to EastieFit, and all the coaches, for creating this challenge to help me meet my nutrition and fitness goals!”


Male Muscle Gain - Eliott Bryson

Eliott added 1.5 pounds of muscle in four weeks!

“Because of the challenge I’m feeling better in general. I’m more cognizant of junk food in my grocery cart and now will always buy frozen fruit to eat as a snack! Coaches Bryan and Sydney were amazing as motivation, unification and made the challenge so fun.”


We also wanted to give a huge shout out to our two most consistent athletes during the 800g Challenge!

Sebastian Mesa - 211 points

Nandini Chouhdry - 200 points

They also saw great results. Consistency is key!


Congratulations to our team winners, the Sugar Snatch Peas!


Emily D







Coach Sydney

Coach Bryan


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