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Update on Construction, Location, and Parking 

Great News! We are in the process of building an amazing place for you to continue to build your Core Habits of EAT, TRAIN and SLEEP. At this point, we do not have a Grand Opening date. But you will get an update from us every 3 weeks on the progress of the project. In this newsletter, you will learn about the construction, the exact location, where you can park and how you can get there. 

  • Construction

    • We were able to find an efficient and responsible contractor to lead the work 

    • Installing a garage door 

    • Creating office spaces

    • Removing all of the ceiling tiles and moving sprinklers, air ducts and other stuff to open up the ceiling space

    • Preparing the floor for the rubber matting (it is flat)

  • New location 

    • 256 Marginal Street in the Shipyard passed Piers Park

    • Our space is adjacent to Seabiscuit

    • It is 0.6 miles from Maverick Station and less than 0.5 miles from our current location.

  • Parking options 

    • You can find screenshots to show you exactly where you can park to make it to the gym 

    • You can park on the street passed Piers Park 

    • You can drive to the back of Jeffries Point through Sumner Street and then make a right on Jeffries Street. (This is the closest parking to the gym.) 

  • How can you get there

    • Walking or biking from Maverick Station is 0.6 miles away 

    • Bus 120 goes up Sumner Street and you can get off on Jeffries St to get to the gym through the back street

We are super excited to finish this project. But also anticipate some hiccups. So we are asking for your patience and collaboration in this project. 

  BUS 120 ROUTE 





In the journey with you,

Javy and Sandy Caraballo

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