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Hello Athletes, 

I hope you are well and making progress on your EAT, TRAIN and SLEEP practices. I have been journaling for 10 minutes before going to bed. No real structure just write down with pencil and paper the thoughts for the day and to do list for tomorrow. This practice allows me to fall asleep quicker. I encourage you to practice yoga, meditation, prayer or journaling for 10 min before bed. Let me know how it goes. 

I am excited to share the Part 2 of the New Location updates. The construction is going well and we hope to be able to do some burpees in our new location in the Fall 2022. Just some final details and I hope to give you a video tour on the next update and share the opening date. In this update, I will share the layout and some amazing changes to elevate the coaching and training experience at EastieFit. 

In the picture below, you can see the architect diagram from above. As you walk into EastieFit through a brand new garage door or side door, during the cold months, and see the workout space in front of you. On the right side, you can see two brand new offices for the Team to get work done and for the Inbody Scan. On the left side, you see two renovated individual bathrooms (no showers) and a space for athletes to keep there stuff, change their shoes and for the water cooler. The workout space consist of 2-24ft Rigs with 6 pullups bars and 6 sqaut racks. In total, the space has 12 racks and 12 pullup bars which will allow the EastieFit Team to elevate the coaching and programming experience. We will not have to navigate challenging logistics. Once we install the rig we will find spots for rings and ropes to climb.

Other items that you do not see in the diagrams flat floors. The floors have been refurbished to be completely flat. No more barbells rolling around. There will be a brand new rubber flooring installed by professionals. And finally, there is a climate control unit to alleviate external weather conditions.

The ownership of EastieFit and the Team has invested a lot of time, resources and money to create a better facility for the Eastie community. A place were you can continue to strive for transformation and to become your best "self" by practicing EAT, TRAIN and SLEEP habits, and equally important, to connect with others. I would like to highlight the amazing job of the EastieFit Team during this time and the collaboration of key athletes that reached out to the Eastie community in our behalf to advocate for us and helped us find a new location for EastieFit. 

We have some questions about future schedule updates and need your feedback. With the new locations layouts, we will need to cap the classes at 12. However, we want to get your feedback to navigate this situation and make the best possible decision. It is very important for everyone to fill out this survey.



In the journey with you all,

Sandy and Javy Caraballo

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