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Are you looking for a gym that cares about your fitness? Has every other training program left you wanting more from your workouts?

Join us in Jeffries Point today for the best CrossFit Classes around. Our coach-led training sessions include people from a variety of fitness levels, backgrounds, ages, and lifestyles all coming together to get in great shape. 

Take on whatever plan suits you best and build incredible strength, mobility, and coordination.

And the best part is: our CrossFit Classes are perfect for all skill levels and abilities! Every movement and weight can be scaled to your unique experience level, giving you access to a strength and conditioning program that will keep your challenged week in and week out. 

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What Can You Expect From Our CrossFit Classes In East Boston?

Each class at EastieFit is different from the last, teaching you the fundamentals of strength and conditioning from Coaches who care about your success. We've set 3 levels of difficulty for each Workout of the Day (WOD) in order to accommodate people of all skill levels. But in each class, you'll take on:

  • A progressive movement and mobility warm-up, coach-led but completed at own pace
  • Coach-led strength/skill session, with demonstrations and review of points-of-performance regarding technique
  • A daily conditioning component that is constantly varied and incorporates functional movements in a 10-15 minute mid-to-high intensity workout using the CrossFit methodology

Enjoy A Support System Like No Other

You won't have to take on your fitness journey alone. Our coaching team at EastieFit takes great pride in the general movement and strength/skill development of all our members; both young and less-young, highly athletic or those seeking general fitness. Our members are also here to help support your progress through your fitness journey. We are committed to your success and we're ready to prove it from day one. 

Whether you're an experienced athlete or just getting started, you'll enjoy:

  • Unwavering support and motivation
  • Constant coaching and feedback
  • High-energy training that is always FUN!

If there is one thing you can be sure of, it's that WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER.

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Are you ready to get started at EastieFit? Take on your transition to who you want to be with people who care about you and your goals. We're excited to welcome people from Jeffries Point, Eagle Hill, Orient Heights, and all of East Boston to transform into athletes with us!

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