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Introduce Yourself To CrossFit Jeffries Point With Our EastieFit Program

Jumpstart your CrossFit experience with our comprehensive EastieFit program in East Boston. This 4-session program introduces you to all the fundamentals of strength and conditioning while improving your comfort level with CrossFit's functional fitness workouts.

You'll start with 2 private sessions and then join us for 2 classes to get a full immersion in CrossFit. We promise that you can get in a great workout and build your confidence one day at a time. 

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EastieFit Offers Flexible Scheduling And Real Results

Because the CrossFit system is a progressive form of fitness training, we want to feel confident in every aspect before joining our group classes. That's why we offer a cutting-edge on-ramp program that we call EastieFit.

You'll get the chance to work one-on-one with a trainer to introduce you to our gym, our workouts, and our culture before joining the group sessions. Your EastieFit Intro also includes 2 group sessions so that you can meet everyone that you'll be training with. Our community is our priority and we've got some of the best people to train with in East Boston.

So How Does The Intro CrossFit System Work?

We designed the EastieFit program as an Intro to CrossFit. You'll find that CrossFit classes are always changing to keep you on your toes. We also developed three levels for each session to meet the needs of all of our members:


The Wellness plan caters to those that are brand new to CrossFit or fitness routines in general. It incorporates effective, functional techniques in a way that is accessible to people of any fitness level. We use the wellness workout to help build your strength to a point where you're ready to challenge yourself with a more intense workout.


For those who may have had a workout routine before, but haven't ventured into CrossFit yet, we use the Fitness plan. There's some more difficult exercises and higher expectations with this workout, but it's still something that we know anyone can do with a little bit of hard work.


Performance workers are typically people who take their athleticism very seriously. Anyone can reach this point, but to do so in a way that is healthy and won't cause injury takes a little bit of teamwork. That's where we come in! We promise to push you to the point that will help you grow but not too far.

With the three different levels of workouts, you can choose which one feels best for you and work your way up. All three levels are guaranteed to keep you fit and healthy in the right, sustainable way. With EastieFit, you can test out your limits with our guidance.

Get Started Today With Our Intro To CrossFit - EastieFit In East Boston!

If you're looking for a change, we've got the answer. Take on a truly effective system at CrossFit Jeffries Point. We're offering a comprehensive Intro CrossFit program right here in East Boston that will help you reach your goals. 

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